Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama 2008!!!

So let me first say that i was super excited when i was walking through my host sister´s room last night from the bathroom to see that obama secured the nomination!!! obama 2008!

although tomorrow will be my first complete week in paraguay, it seems like i´ve been here for a month. everyone has been so welcoming, inquisitive about what we´re doing, embracing, that i´ve already carved a little place for myself with my host family. i have amazing friends down here. it really was like we became best friends overnight, and when my group of 6 is out in our satellite community and then returns to meet the rest of the group, we gives each other big hugs like we haven´t seen each other in days. i have great communication with my host family, and we do a lot of the things that i was accustomed to at home - sundays are spent eating, chillin, laughing, talking, and just hanging out.

and, you all will be happy to know that my dancing skills are becoming known within my peace corps groups and the family. last dunday we went to a quinceanera (15th birthday party) for another family member, and they were playing all of my favorite latin songs!!! my absolute favorite part was when my host brother, who was the dj and av technician for the party was playing this super ridiculous, off the chain, what-do-you-mean audio video mix of ALL of my favorite 80´s and 90´s songs - i mean tears for fears, inxs, def leopard, milli vanilli, kool and the gang, the list goes on - and i almost lost my mind!

also, last saturday my host sister and i went into a city called san lorenzo, which pretty much has everything i could possibly need to get, and i actually bought some liquid body wash :-). but with this city there is really no huge need to go into asuncion to get supplies, including music, clothes and shoes. it pretty much looks most cities i´ve been to in the caribbean.

that is not to say that there are not times when i ask myself what i´m doing here, and at this point i don´t even know what the end of this three months will be like, let alone two years, but i look at my situation and think about how i want to do development work and realize there absolutely is no better situation i could be in. not only that, but i have the support of all of you all back in the states, as well as the support of my family here in paraguay. my host mother brags to all of the family and her friends how about how happy she is with me and how intelligent i am...ok let me lay it on a little thinner...lmao...but seriously, i already know that they will be a major factor in getting me through the two years.

so my lunch time is running around and i need to send a few emails. i love and miss you all and continue to keep me in your prayers!


Alonzo Davis said...

Go Sasha,
Dance in Paraguay for me.
OBAMA time!

Ashli said...

I am so happy (and relieved) that you have gotten such a warm welcome over there. Keep the blogs coming!

Anonymous said...

Sasha I am finally going to send everyone your blog address today!!
Bernard was in the VIP section at the Obama rally at Nissan Pavillion and was arms length from Obama!!!! Exciting.

trishcooper said...

oops I was the previous anonymous

trishcooper said...

oops I was the previous anonymous

Anonymous said...

GO SASH! We are so prond of you... sniff. : ) Represent D.C. wherever you go! I hope you brought go-go with you!


Anonymous said...

oops, prond = proud... lol