Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Uneventful Lives of Paraguayan Kids - 6.6.08

Aveiro, 6.6.08 - We have recently begun the practice of playing frisbee during breaks in the yard next to our schoolhouse, which has brought new best friends - the neighborhood children - whether we wanted them or not. Quite a few were playing with us at the end of the day today: Pedro aka Pedrito de la Selva (Pedro of the Jungle, according to his friends), Ariel, Miriam, Fernando, Gustavo, Ivan and Belen. Even baby Gustavito from across the stree, age 1,made it over at point with an empty paper towel roll in hand that he was using as a chew toy. They are so funny because they know all of our names, as does much of the town, and even make fun of us, like today when they started calling Tim (aka Timoteo) "Tomate". In general they're good kids, but they just get really really bored and just kind of wander over to see what we're doing, like for instance if we're doing an activity outside. They're harmless but they can get really annoying. The parents don't really keep tabs on them and just let them wander around, usually because they're trying to figure out how to make some income; their families are among the poorest in the town. Some of the kids are not in school because they have to help with the household chores and other responsibilities, so you can't really blame them for wanting to know more. I'm sure this will be a recurring theme I will witness firsthand throughout my time in Paraguay.

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