Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PICS OF MY HOUSE!!! 11.12.08

Yes everyone! It's the pics you've all been waiting for! MY HOUSE!!! I am currently writing my next blog entry so in the meantime I figured I would post some pics of where I live. I love my little house, my scary-ass room is even growing on me. Enjoy!

The view from the street

My front porch

My side yard, Yes! This is Peace Corps!

My foyer/sitting room

The view from the foyer

Where I lay my head at night. I will be getting a bigger bed this weekend. Sweet dreams!

Through the door to the rest of my house. The closed door is the storage room/where the Senora who owns the house will sleep if she comes in town for a night (maybe twice a year).

My kitchen table and side door to the yard.

The kitchen. Over yonder is the scary-ass back room.

My bathroom. The showerhead is higher up out of the picture. Y'all see that I got my products posted up and everything.

My toilet. There is a tank above it. Yes it flushes, and very well if I may say so myself.

View of the back room from the kitchen

The kitchen cabinet I haven't gotten around to cleaning yet and my sink where I wash my dishes.

The back window.
Stay tuned for the next blog!

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