Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? (OBAMA 2008) 11.4.08

As you all know it's been quite awhil since I've written any blog entries. Most recently my mom reminded me that Granny asked her again if I had written anymore postings, at which time I had not. However, I decided that I can't have Granny waiting so I wanted to at least do a quick posting to give you all a quick update.

Things are amazing and getting better in site. I recently moved into my own house so I am officially settled! My house has two bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen, and a scary-ass back room with a sink where I wash my dishes. Before I walk into my bathroom I usually peek in to make sure that there's no huge bug in there, because you never know down here. So far there's been the occasional moth but nothing major. I also have a huge mango tree with fruit currently ripening; I am looking forward to afternoons sitting in my yard eating mangoes. I also have a vegetable garden in my backyard that belongs to my neighbor, for which we have already made plans to transplant as well as plant vegetables. I spent this past Sunday afternoon with these same neighbors, a younger couple with a nearly 2-year old daughter named Milagros. She already knows how to say my name and everything and apparently asks where I am when I am not around. I love it.

I haven't writing because I've been so busy kicking it with all my people and traveling to visit my friends in other towns on the weeekends. Everyone will be happy to know that I have officially replicated my "Treehouse" situation in my town! Despite the fact that I moved out of my host family's house (I'm less than half a block away), I still eat lunch with them most days, stop by there after work before I go home, and hang out all the time. I even stop by various mornings to drink mate and then my senora makes sure that I have a full thermos of cocido and bread. What could be better?

So I am currently in Asuncion with a bunch of other PCV's for the election. We're going to a spot to watch the election coverage and then we're celebrating. All of the Paraguayans are pulling for Obama - good Lord willing and the creek don't rise we will all have our wish come true. History in the making, it just doesn't seem real...

I'll be catching a ride back to my site tomorrow, on the way stopping by to pick up a bunch of stuff for my house so I can really start cooking more (or will I...) and get more settled. Stay tuned for the next blog entry which will be jammed packed with funny anecdotes and pictures. Special thanks to Debbie Heffron - I received the package and am looking forward to making the brownies!

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